Maladies of Leadership


I really enjoyed reading an article from Gary Hamel, a writer for the Harvard Business Review, about a speech by Pope Francis to the Curia last December.  Pope Francis addressed the Curia, the leadership council for the Catholic Church, in the run up to Christmas and urged them to reflect on the “Curial diseases” which weaken […]

April 28, 2015

Google Teacher Academy

Google Apps for Education, Leadership

The Google Teacher Academy is an intensive two-day training event where lucky delegates are able to experience the wonderful surroundings of a Google HQ, learn about the latest tools and techniques that Google has to offer and then, if this wasn’t enough, complete an action plan of research afterwards to gain Google Certified Teacher status. […]

October 28, 2013

An evening with Ron Berger


I was fortunate to be able to attend the Ron Berger evening held at the Campsmount academy in Doncaster last week.  Ron was invited over by the XL academy group as they are looking to employ Ron’s model of project based learning, (PBL) in their new free school. I had read Ron’s book, An Ethic […]

June 25, 2013

Expert Lesson Planning

Leadership, Learning, Teaching

I have been thinking about lesson planning a lot recently, both as a process that we all need to understand more fully and as a strategy for developing teacher practise in school.  This reflection started when reviewing our lesson observation feedback.  We have seen all of our staff teach over the past few months and have some […]

April 26, 2013

A prayer for leadership…..Charles Handy.


I picked up a copy of Charles Handy’s third edition of “Understanding Organizations” from a National Trust used book sale held at Wimpole Hall, my local NT retreat we often visit with the children. It cost me the princely sum of £1.30 and is full of pencil annotations. I was hoping they would be from […]

February 24, 2013