Twitter stats and Infographics

I chanced across this great website, following a tweet from @fkelly.


I had a go at creating the same type of infographic as Fearghal did but for some reason it didn’t access my Twitter stats.  Thankfully there are a range of different styles and not just for twitter either so I found one that did work.  You can create an infographic resume if you have a linkedin account, a Facebook monsterizer or even a twitter showdown between celebrites.

I love instagraphics.  I think that even really powerful messages or trends, that stand up to scrutiny on their own content alone, can be made to resonate more when made out in the unique style of the infographic.  To have one made simply, and for free, about your own twitter activity is too good a chance to miss.

create infographics with

Why don’t you have a go at the twitter version or even the other tools as well.  I am sure you will find the results interesting.

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