Beaumont School Teachmeet – Google Apps for Education

Here are the slides and some key links to the Google Form presentation I am giving at Beaumont School’s Teachmeet this evening.

I am covering the benefits of Google Forms for teachers and then using as much of the 6 minutes I have to show how you set up a simple form and then share it with the class using

I will not have time to go over Flubaroo but have included links to my post on how to use Flubaroo here just in case some delegates have a go with forms and want to use Flubaroo to mark them.

How to use flubaroo to mark your forms – Fubaroo – what a fantastic tool

How to use Google Forms for the first time – Beginners Guide.

Video guide for using Google Forms. – a great URL shortener.  I use either or to shorten links, although to be honest – since we moved to Google Apps I have not used either for a while.  To shorten a URL all you need to do is type into the omnibox on chrome and it will bring up this tab…


just paste your long URL into the box and shorten it.

All shortened links start with and they then have a 6 digit code which is alphanumeric with a change of case – it is vital to get the case specific otherwise it will not work.  This way you are only sharing a 6 digit code with students, which they will still get wrong :-)  I have preferred to print short codes on bits of paper or stickers if I need to share a code for homework etc.

I hope this helps and I hope that you feel curious enough to try out Google Forms – they really are a wonderful time saver and I bet you see an improvement in the number of students completing homework set this way as well.

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