Use Gmail tools to stay on top of your inbox

I find it really challenging to stay on top of email.  I use my phone, tablet and desktop to access email so sometimes flick through the inbox on the move.   If you get email at anything like the frequency as I do then you can quite easily miss unread mail,  even if you search through to find the one or two emails you know you must have  because the unread count is taunting you.

Gmail has an easy fix to this….and it can be a great help with managing your inbox.  Next to the Inbox (n) under your compose button there is a drop down arrow…

If you click on the drop down arrow if gives you a number of options…

Inbox Type

Default…this is the ticked option, hence default, first time you access this menu

Important first

Unread first

Starred first

Priority first

Changing the selection to unread will make sure that your unread emails are always at the top of your inbox – helping you use Gmails other great options such as labels and star functions to manage your email more effectively.

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