Expert Lesson Planning

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I have been thinking about lesson planning a lot recently, both as a process that we all need to understand more fully and as a strategy for developing teacher practise in school.  This reflection started when reviewing our lesson observation feedback.  We have seen all of our staff teach over the past few months and have some […]

April 26, 2013

Lesson Observations and the cycle of school improvement

Leadership, Teaching

We are just past the mid point of the February half term holiday and so roughly half way through the academic year.  Our school improvement journey has progressed at great speed throughout the first half of the year and our leadership team has just finished observing every single member of staff in school.  This is a first for me.  I have […]

February 21, 2013

Good to outstanding teaching – some thoughts

Learning, Teaching

This post is an extension of a post I made during my ongoing work on the Good to Outstanding teaching online unit as part of the National College’s Head Start programme.  It was in a response to two questions. As a Headteacher, how can you use lesson observations to move teaching from Good to Outstanding? What is […]

January 21, 2013